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  1. Opportunity for Continuing Education – yes, we are very supportive of education and expansion of service lines that education provides within the clinics. This is a target of $1200 per year. RMTS has also introduced in 2016 an internal phase of therapist education and exchange of best practices.
  2. Are there minimums for number of patients seen per day? No set minimums, yet we put forth a great deal of effort with our services and marketing for prompt treatment upon referral as well as we are a for profit entity. We focus on communication with patient, physician, payer and employer in some cases to have clear goals and objectives for treatment. Many clinics and or clinicians work long days on some days to accommodate early and late schedule demands and shorter days others to keep a good balance.
  3. Is there opportunity for profit sharing? Yes.
  4. All fulltime staff are eligible to participate in the health/dental plans offered, paid time off and the 401K program.
  5. Our clinics are closed on weekends and have 6 annual holidays off.
  6. What are the resources within the clinics for shared/practice skill development or mentoring? All of the clinicians are great resources for specialty and or best practices treatment exchange.
  7. Documentation is all handled through an EMR program called clinic controller that was developed over 10 years ago and used nationwide.
  8. What is the clinic atmosphere like? Well as most would assume it’s a professional setting, yet one of comfort as we want patients to receive value and concern while having care. That said physical therapy can be as much about mental therapy so the clinics work to create a professional yet fun environment. For instance, some clinics host “home baked goods day”, of course we all know this is just so the staff get homemade cookies and brownies. Clinics have given away prizes for whomever picks the superbowl winner and or guess the delivery date of a staff members baby.
  9. RMTS and its clinics work with about 30+ schools as clinical education sites for students.
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