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Rocky Mountain Therapy Services offers the most comprehensive hand therapy program along the Wasatch Front. The program addresses the physical loss of function due to an injury, illness, and/or disease. Many of these situations require delicate surgical repair, which warrants the services of clinicians with the highest level of competency in this area. These clinicians hold the professional designation of Certified Hand Therapists and are trained to complete the required evaluations, treatment, and splint fabrications for upper extremities. The Rocky Mountain Therapy Serivces Hand Therapy program includes:

  • Post Surgical Treatment/scar tissue management
  • Custom Splint & Orthosis Fabrication and Fitting
  • Ergonomic & Biomechanics Consulting
  • Injury Prevention
  • Disease Treatment
  • Functional Upper Extremity Diagnostic Testing

Common Diagnosis Treated

Fractures Nerve Compressions Rotator Cuff Injuries
Tendon Injuries Tumors Cysts Burns
Amputations Impingement Syndrome Nerve Injuries

Sprains and Strains


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